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A preferred access to the river for tourists and
citizens of Longueuil.

Developed since 1989, the Réal-Bouvier Marina has all the infrastructures required to accomodate boats of all sizes. A transition park for RVs has also been fitted out at the river edge. Considered as one of the largest and most attractive marinas located East of New York it is part of a vast linear park integrated in the recreation park.

The site offers several advantages :

  • Cycling trail
  • Picnic areas
  • Observation points of the fauna and flora
  • Several aerial footbridges to reach Old Longueuil
  • Link to Old Montreal by a river shuttle

  • Historical background

    It was in the '60s that 132 highway was built. As of that time, Longueuil was practically cut off from its shore, formerly a greatly appreciated place of animation and life for the people.

    The City of Longueuil's project to return access to the shore to its population dates back to the beggining of the '70s. At that time, Longueuil deposited the plan for the development of its parks, the latter suggested the implantation of neighborhood parks, and the development of municipal parks such as the regional park and the parks on the shore.

    In 1985, with the Parc de l'Archipel program, the dream comes true.

    Firstly, in 1989, Longueuil inaugurates the René-Lévesque Promenade, a 6 km pedestrian road extending from the Marie-Victorin Park to the Louis-Hippolyte-Lafontaine tunnel. This promenade bears the name René-Lévesque because this Prime Minister, also Longueuil's deputy at the National Assembly, was one of those who most vigorously defended this project.

    The development of the shore park also allowed the safe keeping of Pointe-du-Marigot, which became a shore fauna and flora interpretation center.

    To facilitate access to the shore, five footbridges have also been built over the barrier represented by highway 132.

    In 1989, the development of a new marina was started on the site of the old Ville-Marie marina. Longueuil's marina started its operations in the summer of 1990. The inauguration of « La Capitainerie » in 1993 completed the facilities of the marina.


    The facilities of the shore park were financed through the Parc de l'Archipel program. This program intended to make the river shores around the Montreal archipelago open to the people.

    In Longueuil, this program permitted financing by the Quebec Government of two-thirds of the development of the shore. The Ministry of Recreation, Hunting and Fishing, and the Quebec Planning and Developement Office also participated directly in the financing, while the Federal Government also contributed.


    Réal Bouvier 1946 – 2000

    Navigator and journalist, Réal Bouvier was born and raised in Longueuil. From childhood, the Longueuil shores were his playground. All through his life, he remained a lover and defender of the St Lawrence River .

    In 1977, on board the J.E. Bernier II, he crosses the North-West passage and is recognized by history as one of the great explorers of the Artic. The J.E. Bernier II was the 15th boat to manage this feat, but certainly one of the smallest sailboats to have circumnavigated North America . The 74° North expedition had left the Lachine harbour on June 30th 1976, arrived in Vancouver on October 15th 1978 and finally returned to Montreal on August 26th 1979.

    Through his writings, teachings and feats, Réal Bouvier is definitively one of the great navigators of contemporary Quebec .

    The Réal-Bouvier Marina was named in his memory and a plaque paying tribute to him was affixed on September 27th 2001 by Mr. Claude Gladu, mayor of Longueuil.





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